Oral History Transcription Workflow
· ☕ 14 min read · ✍️ Mark A. McFate
Digital.Grinnell features a fair number of transcribed digital oral histories. Most are interviews conducted with Grinnelleans as they return to campus annualy for alumni Reunion or Grinnell’s Multicultural Reunion. What follows is largely sharable “public” content lifted from a “private” GitHub repository at https://github.

Digital.Grinnell Custom MODS Display
Digital.Grinnell Custom MODS Display
· ☕ 2 min read · ✍️ Mark A. McFate
Digital.Grinnell has seen a lot of customization over the years, and quite a bit of it relates to how an object’s metadata, especially its MODS metadata, is displayed. My aim for the past couple of years has been to remove as much customization as possible, but I’ve found it difficult to remove features of our MODS display because those features seem to be rather popular.

Updating DG's Collection Views
· ☕ 3 min read · ✍️ Mark A. McFate
Digital.Grinnell employs a custom-built Drupal “view” we call the dg7 Collection View; it’s part of the code in our custom dg7 module where all of Digital.Grinnell‘s hook implementations are also defined. Experience leads me to beleive that keeping a complex Drupal view in code is prudent, but overriding that code with a database copy of the view helps tremendously in terms of system performance.

Staging Digital.Grinnell (DG) on DigitalOcean (DO)
· ☕ 12 min read · ✍️ Mark A. McFate
ISLE v1.3.0 has been running on my staging server, DGDockerX, for months now and it seems to be performing as-expected with one exception… when I try to import a batch of objects using IMI, the Islandora Multi-Importer, I get the following error:

Digital.Grinnell's IMI Workflow
· ☕ 5 min read · ✍️ Mark A. McFate
Note: The abbreviation IMI is used frequently in this post to represent the Islandora Multi-Importer, a CSV-file-driven batch ingest tool used by numerous institutions in the Islandora community. Also, while updating this post I found this gem… Diagrams in Documentation (Markdown Guide).

PDF Ingest in Digital.Grinnell
· ☕ 2 min read · ✍️ Mark A. McFate
A set of 21 PDF objects were ingested into Digital.Grinnell’s Faculty Scholarship collection using IMI on 22-July-2019; unfortunately none of these PDFs contained OCR (optical character recognition) or “text recognition” data, so none of them generated a valid FULL_TEXT datastream. FULL_TEXT datastreams are required to make PDF, and similar text content, searchable and discoverable in Digital.

Mounting //STORAGE for IMI Ingest in Digital.Grinnell
· ☕ 2 min read · ✍️ Mark A. McFate
Claiming another small victory today! Why? Well, the Digital.Grinnell instance of IMI (Islandora Multi-Importer) module is customized so that choosing “*local” as an object ingest source invokes a hook function I created in our DG7 module. That hook enables IMI to “find” named files/content (things like PDFs, images, etc.